This is your Huckleberry.

Huckleberry is a dark and weird tabletop role-playing game inspired by the mythology of the American Old West. 

In this unforgiving landscape, the veil between reality and the Wyrd is frayed and worn thin, allowing the Wyrd to seep into every crevice, corrupting and twisting the very fabric of reality. Can you survive the Wyrd Frontier?

Print your Legend.

Step into the dusty boots of a Maverick, an occult bounty hunter who ekes out a hard living by confronting the monstrosities of the Wyrd.

As you play Huckleberry, the world changes with your actions. Every success, failure, or missed bounty has a consequence. 

Forge your reputation by tackling the toughest bounties on the Wyrd Frontier. Will folks remember your name after you're gone?

Unleash your Creativity.

Huckleberry's unique character creation gives you control over every detail of your Maverick. Every choice matters and the system gives you options, not limitations.

Huckleberry makes it easy to create devilish gunslingers, ironclad strongwomen, or a surgeon with a hankering for blood. Who will your Maverick be?

Put Down Roots.

In between bounties, you spend time training, tinkering with your Big Iron, forging bonds with townsfolk, and investing in your home.

With each passing stretch of time, the world grows and evolves, shaped by your actions and the consequences of your choices. In Huckleberry, your destiny is intertwined with those around you. How will you leave your mark?

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Published by Adventures in Lollygagging